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Performance Desktop Score 49%
Best Practices Desktop Score 57%
SEO Desktop Score 100%
Progressive Web App Desktop Score 15%
Charset Encoding
Great, language/character encoding is specified: UTF-8
Title Tag 39 Characters
طلوع کرمان | TOLUEKERMAN.IR - صفحه نخست
Meta Description 68 Characters
طلوع کرمان,سایت خبری بافت,سایت خبری کرمان,گردشگری بافت,گردشگری کرمان
Effective URL 21 Characters
Excerpt Page content
طلوع کرمان | - صفحه نخست تیترها | دور جدید ثبت نام برای...
Keywords Cloud Density
بافت39 کرمان24 شهرستان14 شورای11 خبرهای11 منطقه10 برای9 cycle9 جدید9 اتکا9
Keyword Consistency Keyword density is one of the main terms in SEO
Keyword Freq Title Desc Domain H1 H2
بافت 39
کرمان 24
شهرستان 14
شورای 11
خبرهای 11
منطقه 10
برای 9
cycle 9
جدید 9
اتکا 9
Google Preview Your look like this in google search result
طلوع کرمان | TOLUEKERMAN.IR - صفحه نخست
طلوع کرمان,سایت خبری بافت,سایت خبری کرمان,گردشگری بافت,گردشگری کرمان
Robots.txt File Detected
Sitemap.xml File Detected
Page Size Code & Text Ratio
Document Size: ~63.51 KB
Code Size: ~37.64 KB
Text Size: ~25.87 KB Ratio: 40.73%


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Max Potential First Input Delay 70 ms
The maximum potential First Input Delay that your users could experience is the duration of the longest task
Avoids an excessive DOM size 468 elements
A large DOM will increase memory usage, cause longer [style calculations](, and produce costly [layout reflows](
Keep request counts low and transfer sizes small 138 requests • 6,662 KiB
To set budgets for the quantity and size of page resources, add a budget.json file
Remove unused CSS Potential savings of 45 KiB
Remove dead rules from stylesheets and defer the loading of CSS not used for above-the-fold content to reduce unnecessary bytes consumed by network activity
Use video formats for animated content Potential savings of 142 KiB
Large GIFs are inefficient for delivering animated content. Consider using MPEG4/WebM videos for animations and PNG/WebP for static images instead of GIF to save network bytes
Total Blocking Time 10 ms
Sum of all time periods between FCP and Time to Interactive, when task length exceeded 50ms, expressed in milliseconds
Server Backend Latencies 0 ms
Server latencies can impact web performance. If the server latency of an origin is high, it's an indication the server is overloaded or has poor backend performance
Time to Interactive 3.9 s
Time to interactive is the amount of time it takes for the page to become fully interactive
Minimize third-party usage Third-party code blocked the main thread for 0 ms
Third-party code can significantly impact load performance. Limit the number of redundant third-party providers and try to load third-party code after your page has primarily finished loading
Avoid chaining critical requests 45 chains found
The Critical Request Chains below show you what resources are loaded with a high priority. Consider reducing the length of chains, reducing the download size of resources, or deferring the download of unnecessary resources to improve page load
Cumulative Layout Shift 0.358
Cumulative Layout Shift measures the movement of visible elements within the viewport
Network Round Trip Times 0 ms
Network round trip times (RTT) have a large impact on performance. If the RTT to an origin is high, it's an indication that servers closer to the user could improve performance
Page load is not fast enough on mobile networks Interactive on simulated mobile network at 18.9 s
A fast page load over a cellular network ensures a good mobile user experience
Avoids large JavaScript libraries with smaller alternatives 0 large libraries found
Large JavaScript libraries can lead to poor performance. Prefer smaller, functionally equivalent libraries to reduce your bundle size
Minify JavaScript Potential savings of 6 KiB
Minifying JavaScript files can reduce payload sizes and script parse time
First Contentful Paint 1.9 s
First Contentful Paint marks the time at which the first text or image is painted
Largest Contentful Paint 3.2 s
Largest Contentful Paint marks the time at which the largest text or image is painted
Includes front-end JavaScript libraries with known security vulnerabilities 7 vulnerabilities detected
Some third-party scripts may contain known security vulnerabilities that are easily identified and exploited by attackers
Avoid enormous network payloads Total size was 6,662 KiB
Large network payloads cost users real money and are highly correlated with long load times
Speed Index 4.8 s
Speed Index shows how quickly the contents of a page are visibly populated
Estimated Input Latency 10 ms
Estimated Input Latency is an estimate of how long your app takes to respond to user input, in milliseconds, during the busiest 5s window of page load. If your latency is higher than 50 ms, users may perceive your app as laggy
JavaScript execution time 0.2 s
Consider reducing the time spent parsing, compiling, and executing JS. You may find delivering smaller JS payloads helps with this
Efficiently encode images Potential savings of 100 KiB
Optimized images load faster and consume less cellular data
Serve images in next-gen formats Potential savings of 1,782 KiB
Image formats like JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP often provide better compression than PNG or JPEG, which means faster downloads and less data consumption
Eliminate render-blocking resources Potential savings of 2,510 ms
Resources are blocking the first paint of your page. Consider delivering critical JS/CSS inline and deferring all non-critical JS/styles
Largest Contentful Paint element 1 element found
This is the largest contentful element painted within the viewport
Avoid large layout shifts 5 elements found
These DOM elements contribute most to the CLS of the page.
Does not use HTTPS 85 insecure requests found
All sites should be protected with HTTPS, even ones that don't handle sensitive data. This includes avoiding [mixed content](, where some resources are loaded over HTTP despite the initial request being servedover HTTPS. HTTPS prevents intruders from tampering with or passively listening in on the communications between your app and your users, and is a prerequisite for HTTP/2 and many new web platform APIs
Enable text compression Potential savings of 261 KiB
Text-based resources should be served with compression (gzip, deflate or brotli) to minimize total network bytes
Remove unused JavaScript Potential savings of 55 KiB
Remove unused JavaScript to reduce bytes consumed by network activity
Minimizes main-thread work 1.3 s
Consider reducing the time spent parsing, compiling and executing JS. You may find delivering smaller JS payloads helps with this
Avoid serving legacy JavaScript to modern browsers Potential savings of 8 KiB
Polyfills and transforms enable legacy browsers to use new JavaScript features. However, many aren't necessary for modern browsers. For your bundled JavaScript, adopt a modern script deployment strategy using module/nomodule feature detection to reduce the amount of code shipped to modern browsers, while retaining support for legacy browsers
Defer offscreen images Potential savings of 21 KiB
Consider lazy-loading offscreen and hidden images after all critical resources have finished loading to lower time to interactive
First Meaningful Paint 2.6 s
First Meaningful Paint measures when the primary content of a page is visible
Reduce initial server response time Root document took 1,490 ms
Keep the server response time for the main document short because all other requests depend on it
Avoid long main-thread tasks 1 long task found
Lists the longest tasks on the main thread, useful for identifying worst contributors to input delay
Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy 15 resources found
A long cache lifetime can speed up repeat visits to your page
First CPU Idle 2.6 s
First CPU Idle marks the first time at which the page's main thread is quiet enough to handle input. [Learn more](


Mobile Screenshot

Speed And Optimization Tips

Website speed has a huge impact on performance, affecting user experience, conversion rates and even rankings. ‪‬‬By reducing page load-times, users are less likely to get distracted and the search engines are more likely to reward you by ranking you
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